As mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, I recently started a new role. I say recently but I actually started in September!

I touched on wanting to change careers in a number of my blog posts last year. I ummed and arred for some time, telling myself that my skillet was so specific to midwifery I wouldn’t be any good at other roles.

But then at some point I decided to toughen up and took some baby steps towards this goal by working a couple of part-time fashion and marketing internships. This then gave me the confidence I needed to eventually take the plunge and apply for a number of full-time non-midwifery roles.

After being turned down a few times, I finally managed to secure a place on the NHS Graduate management scheme, coming top 5 out of 500+ candidates – how crazy! Is it exactly what I envisaged I’d be doing? Probably not. However this 2 year scheme will provide me with experience that I likely would have struggled to get anywhere else. I have mentors, the opportunity to attend great courses and a team dedicated to the personal development of myself and the other grads.

Zara co-ord (old) | Topshop blazer| 4th & Reckless boots | ASOS bag

Don’t get me wrong, I had moments in the first few months where I thought the recruitment team had definitely made a mistake and had meant to offer the job to a ‘Rihanna’ rather than me, Rianna. I had worries that I would be called out as a fraud for not being an excel expert. The list of ‘imposter syndrome’ moments goes on. But look at me now! I’ve been working as a project manager for 6 months and although it’s been a very steep learning curve, I feel like I’ve learnt and accomplished things I never imagined.

Faith will take you to greater places than fear ever did.

I guess that’s my message in a nutshell really. Don’t let your fears and insecurities limit you. You’ve got to start somewhere and no matter where that is, it’s better than not starting at all. Challenge yourself. Try being your own cheerleader for once. If you don’t believe in and push yourself, who will?

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Rianna Mara

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