If you refresh yourself on God’s holiness, then you are reminded of your sinfulness, amazed by God’s mercy and given a fresh perspective on your mission.

That was what I took away from the sermon at church last Sunday. My relationship with God, like many I’m sure, has had its challenges. From trying to understand the cruelties of life to questioning the significance of church, the past year has had me feeling confused and if I’m being honest, a bit lost in it all.

As I continue on my journey to spiritual stability and I guess, fulfilling my God-given purpose, one thing I am sure of is God’s presence, patience and love. I have learned the importance of having a strong support network that I can have open, honest conversations with and I’ve also had to remind myself that many others are on a similar journey and that I should strive to be an open, honest support for them as well.

Life can be both beautiful and painful, and as I’ve gotten older and fallen into the cycle of trying to get through days at work then struggling to make sure I’m enjoying my days off, it’s become a bit difficult to wrap my head around the purpose of it all. That being said, I believe the beauty of life is to try to make sense of it and grow along the way which is exactly what I intend to continue to do with God’s help and guidance.

I know this is a different post for me, but it’s where my head is at and I hope it can be of use to someone reading it! I’ve included photos of an outfit styling one of my January best nine, this gorgeous H&M shirt dress – click ‘here’ to shop.

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Rianna Mara

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