So I’ve been bad and skipped a month of blogging on here. Mainly just because life got busy – I went on holiday twice, got engaged (agghhhhh!), my sister had a baby and I started a new internship which I’m currently doing alongside full-time work *breaths out*. But after celebrating my 25th birthday over the weekend I felt it was the perfect time to sit, reflect and scribble down my thoughts… so here’s a post reflecting on 5 things that I’ve learnt during my quarter of a century on earth!


1. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward. That may include sacrificing your time and/or money. After deciding that I wanted to switch careers last year I did consider going back to uni, perhaps taking a masters, and using that as a basis to apply for jobs in a different area of work (potentially PR I’m thinking). That’s when I saw an ad on Instagram to do a fashion internship with Miista (they’re cool – check them out!) and thought why the hell not! I applied and completed my 3 month internship with them in April. Was it unpaid? Yes. Did I have to do it alongside full-time work as a midwife? Yes. Was it really challenging? Yes. Did people think I was crazy? Yes. However I gained experience which is now on my CV and which also opened the door to my new Content Marketing internship at Gazelle London (they sell the GORGEOUS journal pictured above) doing things that I enjoy and most importantly, learning so much!



2. Don’t let where you want to be in life stop you from enjoying where you are now. I’ve touched on this at least once in previous blog posts and so I guess it’s an ongoing lesson for me. Contentment. One of the qualities I’m forever praying for.

“Being content… means you’re thankful for what you have and patient for what’s to come.” – Tony Gaskins.

More than ever as I turn 25 I really want to spend more time just living my current life. That might sound silly, but honestly I think I put so much pressure on myself to get my career sorted, save hard to get on the property ladder etc that I forget how short life can be and that every stage should be lived to the fullest.

3. It’s okay if everyone doesn’t like you. Being polite is important but so is being honest. Okay so this is something we all know right? But for some reason, I still place way to much value on what others think of me, and because of that I shy away from confrontation and being upfront about things that quite frankly, I don’t like. Sadly I feel like this only results in me being passive aggressive… spending hours going over and over how I’ve been wronged (I know – terrible!) and then acting moody with the person that’s ‘wronged’ me, whilst they probably have no idea why I’m being like that! Well that needs to end now, it’s going to be a process of course but it’s something I need to do for my own good.


4. It’s okay to say no. I can be such a yes-girl, there isn’t any hiding away from that and there also isn’t any shame in it. It’s a blessing for me to be able to help those around me, but what I’m learning is that sometimes it’s okay to say no if you’ve got too much on your plate. As I’m sure you can imagine, working full-time and interning part-time has given me a very busy first half to the year and I’ve found myself exhausted but still going out of my way to do the most for others but honestly…

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

And so I will no longer lend myself out unless I’m in a reasonable place to do so.

5. Take all advice with a pinch of salt. Looking back I can think of a number of times where if I would have listened to the advice I’d been given, I probably wouldn’t have received some of my biggest blessings. That may sound harsh and it’s not to say that people don’t have good intentions when giving advice, it’s just to say that I’ve learnt to listen to myself sometimes. If I’ve really prayed on something and feel in my heart that it’s the right move/decision to make, then it’s okay to trust that. Whilst people mean well, they can be fast to give out advice that they wouldn’t necessarily follow, which of course leads onto another lesson in being careful who you seek advice from. I’ve most definitely learnt to be mindful of who I carry my burdens to, the last thing you need is to take them to somebody who is going to make your load heavier!


WOW. Sorry guys, a gazillion words later! So I guess I have learned something during my 25 years on earth, and you know what… I intend to learn a lot more. I’m so thankful for reaching such a milestone that I know so many aren’t lucky enough to reach.

What would you say your biggest life lesson has been so far?

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Rianna Mara

1 thought on “TURNING 25”

  1. Hello ! First of all you actually look younger than your age !! take it as a compliment ahaha. And I can relate to you when you speak about contentment. Life is a journey and sometimes we’re going through a lot and if we are not content with what we have, we are going to be frustrated. What a life lesson.
    Thank you for sharing thoughts
    Love from France xo

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