I know, I know I’m a bit late to the party on this one. The ‘5 facts about me’ challenge was all over Instagram Stories during January and February, and even though I was nominated a few times I never got around to doing it. So I thought I’d make up for that by doing a blog post sharing some facts that will hopefully allow you all to get to know me a bit better!

It’s been a busy but good start to the year for me. I feel like I’m growing in so many different aspects, including my personal style so I’ve also shared one of my recent outfits that I loved throwing together. Enjoy!

1. Although London-born, I’m proud to say that I’m 100% Sierra Leonean (small beautiful country on the west coast of Africa). This always seems to shock people. I’ve been asked if I’m Caribbean (probably because my name is Rianna), if I’m East African (I mean my mum does look Eritrean), if I’m Bangladeshi (I can only blame this on the days when I used to wear waist length dead straight black weave), the list goes on…

2. I’ve lived in London all my life! And although a great city, my heart tells me I’ll end up living somewhere different, preferably somewhere warm and sunny (probably Portugal – my boyfriend is Portuguese and I love it there!).

3. I work full-time as a midwife. As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare. Personal experiences led me to specifically want to go into a profession which would allow me to support and care for childbearing women. Following my gap year after college I went and got my Midwifery degree and have been working as a midwife since then!

4. I’m a Christian! Spirituality is very important to me, and for me, my faith is about having a personal relationship with God, focussing on self-improvement and positively inspiring others to want to know more about this journey.

5. Now for a few random fun facts: I LOVEEEEE food, I can play the James Bond theme tune on the clarinet (learned in Primary School), I don’t really like wearing makeup (could never be bothered to properly learn how to do mine and touch my face way too much!) and I’m PETRIFIED of mice (as in I hyperventilate and get palpitations – I know!).


Neon Rose Star Print Dress| H&M high neck jumper | Stradivarius faux leather jacket | H&M straight leg jeans (similar) | Topshop patent ankle boots (similar)

I hope you all feel like you’ve gotten to know me a bit better by reading this! I’d love to know a fun fact about you – let me know in the comments!

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Rianna Mara

2 thoughts on “5 FACTS ABOUT ME”

  1. My ex was half Portuguese and Sierra Leonean so your kids will defo be buff lol and I really thought you were Caribbean! Can never judge a book eh! I loved reading this! My fun fact is I am petrified of Spiders, yup cliche, but you aint never seen anyone scared like me. forget screaming I become paralysed, frozen in fear and my heart beats like im having an attack. its mental. lol! – x

    Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

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    1. OMG girl! I’ve never met anyone with that mix – what are the chances! Likeeee can I have a photo of your ex lol?? Joke! Yeah a lot of people think that. Where are you from?? Also I hear you with the spiders thing, sounds like me when I see mice 😩. Thanks for checking out the post girl xxx


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