Of course I had to start this new year with a good ol’ quote, and for me this quote sets the perfect tone for what I want my 2018 to look like…

“There’s no greater freedom than the freedom to be yourself. Give yourself that gift, and choose to surround yourself with those who appreciate you exactly as you are”  – Doe Zantamata

This year I want to be unapologetically myself. New year, new me? Not at all. My goal for this year is not to create a new version of me, but instead a better version whilst remaining true to myself.

No matter where we are in life there is always room for self-improvement. Exactly what we focus on improving is something only we can decide, and once we’ve chosen our focus, only we can decide if we’re actually going to work towards it.


I was recently gifted this amazing Neon Rose t-shirt from SecondThread. The ‘Liberté’ slogan t-shirt was definitely the perfect piece to style for this post as I talk about focussing on the freedom to be the best version of me for 2018.

In this new year I choose to focus on investing in myself, and also in my relationship with God and my loved ones. The past year has seen me figure out where I’m going with my blog, Instagram, career and general life plans! I’m so grateful for this and can’t wait to strive onwards and upwards in 2018, cutting out the things that are wasting my time and figuring out what things are truly important and worth me making more of a commitment to.

Neon Rose slogan t-shirt | Missy Empire check blazer | PrettyLittleThing black aviator jacket | H&M black straight jeans | New Look black chain bag | Boohoo silver boots

All that’s left to say is that I truly hope you all have an amazing and productive year ahead! Thank you so much for everyone that’s read, liked and commented on here over the past year, I appreciate you all – Happy New Year!!

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Rianna Mara

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