Hey guys, thanks for stopping by! So happy and grateful to be writing about another trip away, this time to Portugal! My boyfriend is actually Portuguese so we initially spent a few days in Lisbon, and then went on to spend a week with family in his village, not far from the gorgeous city of Viseu. Now as much as it was sooo good seeing Lisbon for the first time and having a great city break experience there, nothing prepared me for how much I actually needed the time spent in the village.

The peace, quiet, raw beauty and simplistic lifestyle completely took my breath away, I fully relaxed and re-charged my batteries away from all the hectic stuff that comes with living in a capital city. Funnily enough it was actually my third time visiting this village but I truly believe that you can experience the same thing completely differently depending on where you are physically, mentally and spiritually in life – that was definitely the case for me on this trip!

On returning from our holiday, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind back here in London. We’ve had great news, sad news and was completely knocked for six when I feel unwell for a few weeks. But I honestly feel like that trip was God’s way of preparing us for what was to come. Despite the past few weeks I feel so charged and ready for what’s ahead, I also feel like it’s given me time to re-assess where I’m at and make any necessary changes as the last quarter of the year approaches. And for that I’m so thankful.

So I guess the message is, circumstances can change so quickly and it can be so easy to get caught up in them and to feel low about what’s not going our way. But if we can try to focus on our blessings more than our burdens and look at everything as a lesson and in perspective, we’ll grow and gain something, whatever our circumstances may be. Anyways, enough chat! Below are some of my favourite shots from Portugal 17 – enjoy.


The Village

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Rianna Mara


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