This months InstaStories Vlog saw me shopping around a few high street stores on Oxford Street, Central London. Being my birthday week I decided to treat myself by shopping for some summer bits and a few things for my holiday to Portugal in August.

Over the past year I’ve slowly started to shop online more and more rather than physically heading to the shops, mostly out of ease but also because I feel like it’s less easy to impulse buy online. So whenever I do go shopping on the high street there are a couple of things I do which I think help me to have a good shopping experience:

  1. Make a list – it doesn’t have to be exact but just having a rough idea of the sort of things you’re looking for means you don’t need to browse around every section of the stores you visit.
  2. Pre-pick which stores you’re going to – before heading out I usually tend to pick no more than 5 stores that I feel will have what I’m looking for to avoid disappointment. I also usually go for stores that I find difficult to shop online e.g. Forever 21 because I never know which sizes to buy!
  3. Finally, try before you buy – there’s nothing more frustrating than buying a load of cute stuff only to realise when you get home that half of it doesn’t fit, which could have been easily avoided!

I hope that’s helpful for those of you who like me, can go a bit crazy when shopping on the high street! As promised I’ve listed the items that I tried on or bought whilst out on my shopping trip and the sizes that I bought them in. Thanks for stopping by – enjoy!

img_1624-1Bershka choker neck slogan t-shirt – size XS

img_1727Bershka white ribbed dress with back detail – size XS

img_1728Bershka off-white striped trousers – size S

img_1729Bershka off-white distressed skinny jeans – size 6/8

img_1730Urban Outfitters orange lens aviator sunglasses 

img_1796Urban Outfitters pink double strap fluffy mules

img_1799Stradivarius multicoloured floral sandal heels – my birthday heels!

img_1797Stradivarius gold sandal heels

img_1798Stradivarius multicoloured tie up sandal heels

img_1803Forever 21 t-shirt bodysuit – size S (I bought the grey suede feel version but can’t find it online)

img_1805Forever 21 blue denim high waisted jeans – size 27/28 (I wanted the knee rip distressed hem version of these but can’t find them online)

img_1801Forever 21 metallic high neck slip dress – size S (fits oversized)

img_1800Forever 21 pink eyelet detail dress – size S

img_1807-1Forever 21 Perspex heeled mules (I can’t find the blue version which I tried on)

img_1806Forever 21 white Perspex mules

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Rianna Mara

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