If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I recently returned from a trip to Grenoble, France. It’s no secret that I’m a summer baby through and through, so going away for me usually involves the sun and a beach, however I decided to try something different and went on my first ever winter/ski holiday with my other half!

If you haven’t done a winter holiday before I’d definitely recommend it. Yes it was FREEZINGGGG but so fresh and Grenoble was absolutely beautiful. One of my aims for 2017 is to try new things more often, and I thought skiing would be a good start. Before going I had of course heard every horror story in the book, from legs being snapped in half to somebody’s eyelashes freezing off (I know – crazy!), but I’m proud to say that I still gave it a go and actually enjoyed myself. I’m not known for having the best balance or for being the most sporty, so I’m convinced that if I could do it then anybody else can to!

We flew to Geneva which was super cheap (£44 return to be exact!), then drove 1.5 hours to Grenoble and stayed with friends, so it really was a bargain holiday. As for ski stuff we bought ski trousers and gloves from Decathalon beforehand, then packed some sunglasses, thermals, hats, scarves, thick socks, took our warmest puffers and then rented the rest (boots, skis, poles) whilst out there, which was super easy and affordable. The one bit of advice I would give, is that is really is worth buying a pair of ski goggles as it was snowing hard and was pretty windy which wearing sunglasses didn’t really help with.

Below I’ve included some photos from the trip, this time I decided not to go camera crazy and sort of took a break from my phone (which is so necessary sometimes), so there are only a few! If nothing else, I hope this blog post makes you question when you last did something for the first time… If it was a while ago, maybe it’s time you tried something new – enjoy!

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Rianna Mara


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