If you know me, then you know that I love a good bargain. So of course when Black Friday came round last week I was out on the high street bright and early.

However this year was slightly different for me. For the past 12 months or so I’ve pretty much completely changed my wardrobe and how I shop. I have to be honest and say my initial reason for doing this was all to do with me getting drawn into the whole ‘fashion minimalism’ thing, but after a while I started to see other benefits from what I was doing, so kept going.

The first step was for me to sort out what I already had, and so I got rid of anything I didn’t really wear or could probably only wear once-in-a-lifetime. When I was happy with what was left I started going by a one-in one-out rule. So if I wanted something new I had to find something in my wardrobe to get rid of first – which is easier said than done of course.

Now whenever I’m out shopping like last Friday, and I see something I like (which is on every other rail) I think about what I’d wear it with, how many wears I’ll actually get out of it and whether I actually need it. It’s been better for my style and better for my bank account to!

That’s not to say I only have 10 or 20 items in my wardrobe (ha – I wish!) but I have significantly less than I used to. I’m all about looking good but not letting that become vanity, at the end of the day clothes and shoes are just material things, and I’ve found having less has helped me to remember that.

So yes I did get myself a few things whilst out but no I didn’t go crazy! Below are snaps of a few items I either tried on or bought from the Black Friday sales and new winter wardrobe additions from over the past few weeks – enjoy.



Zara black jacket | Pull&Bear yellow puffer | Pull&Bear khaki parker




H&M camel sweater | H&M knit hoodie & joggers tracksuit | Bershka grey sweater (in store)





Clarks black boots | Adidas NMD trainers | H&M shoulder bag in camel & black (in store) | H&M black snood | Glo Cases phone accessories

P.S. Most of the items I ‘get rid of’ either go to charity or go up for sale on my Depop! Depop is a great app to easily and quickly sell pre-loved or unwanted items – check mine out here [username: ria_bebe / Rianna Mara]:

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Rianna Mara

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