I’m sure I’m not the only person who goes out shopping having created this idea in my head of exactly what I want to buy, then shock horror, doesn’t find exactly what I’m looking for.

This happened a couple of weeks ago when I was after a distressed band t-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, there were loads of these out on the high street, but they were either the wrong colour, over-distressed or had one too many skull-type horror faces on them…

In the end I came across a cute band tee in Primark’s men’s section for £6!! It was a great colour, and was just what I was looking for – but wasn’t distressed at all! I bought it anyways thinking I’d just wear it like that, and forgot all about it.

Last Friday I threw it on with a pair of jeans and thigh high boots, and thought… this would look so much better distressed. I am by no means a DIY queen but out came the scissors and voila!

Moral of the story is – sometimes do it yourself! You may not always find exactly what you’re looking for out on the high street but you can still make that outfit happen with a bit of DIY. Below are some photos of how I styled the tee, – enjoy! [Items linked below]








Primark band tee (in store or similar) | Bershka jeans | New Look boots | Zara waistcoat (similar) | Romwe choker | Michael Kors watch | Forever 21 bracelet (similar)

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Rianna Mara

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