‘Pura Vida’ literally means pure life, it’s an expression that I heard everywhere during my time in Costa Rica and immediately fell in love with what it symbolised. A local told me, ‘it means nothing could be better than this’, and that’s exactly how I would describe my experience.

I returned from Costa Rica just over two months ago and I’m still hung up on how amazing the nature, food and people were. Discovering the world and immersing myself in different cultures always has such a positive impact on me, and it’s something I hope to do more and more over the next few years. Here are a collection of photos from my 10 days there, I hope you enjoy!


Photo 29-05-2016, 14 53 22 (1)

Photo 29-05-2016, 16 39 25 (1)


Montezuma & Tortuga Island

Photo 02-06-2016, 13 45 55 (1)

Manuel Antonio

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Rianna Mara

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